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Looking for RP groups
« on: November 05, 2019, 03:00:16 pm »
Hoi! I'm currently looking for semi-literate RPs with a focus on either wolf, domestic dog or big cat (I have a black jaguar) species, preferably NOT discord-based as I'm currently on an indefinite hiatus from it for personal reasons ;v; I don't mind forum-based but would prefer in-game. I'd prefer RPs that would allow fantasy elements, such as ones for Aituq and Baph --- I guess sort of, personal plots before reaching a new pack? As for big cats, I really only have one character and he's simply a black jaguar with a bit of jewellery but can be adjusted :>
I don't mind making new characters though! I won't edit Aituq or Baph but I wouldn't mind making new characters for realistic RPs,

I do not mind mature-ish RPs, such as violent or scary themes ^^
I don't mind shape-shifter/werewolf/werecat/etc types but prefer the feral versions

I'm also planning on making a RP group for a post-apocalyptic animal roleplay because I crave that, if it happens to exist already and is active I would LOVE to join! :>