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Aetheruem | A Tribal & Discord-Based RP
« on: November 20, 2019, 06:12:55 pm »
We have cookies :)
latin for ethereal.

Aethereum is a 3 pack tribal canine roleplay. The roleplay itself is heavily custom as we have 3 packs that are used between ranks, heavily custom pack traditions that all have different in-character laws applied, rank system, lifestyle and set behavior. Our goal is to have a family-like community as well as a roleplay zone that everyone can feel welcomed in.

History of Revrour
The story takes place in a large valley between three large towering mountains, where all are claimed by three existing packs. The territory in which these canines reside in is called Revrour. Previously tribes have resided in these lands, but due to a black sickness it wiped out the human race. The animals there have been unbothered. To continue the tribal dynasty wolves, who were previously humanoid companions, Izul, Tholuhn and Kazatus, created packs of their own. The three packs were barely on bad terms due to their behavior and origins coming from one and the same. But skirmishes occur as different opinions clash which is, of course, unavoidable.

The trio has to share one and same hunting grounds, they always argue about territory portions. Greed and lust for power grows between the three. To claim what's theirs, to save their customs and traditions, one must sacrifice a portion of themselves. But what can be done to avoid a growing fight?

Perks of Aethereum
➘ Discord-only!
➘ We have 3 packs to choose from!
➘ Wide variety of custom traditions, IC punishments, IC laws in all packs;
➘ In other words, highly custom!
➘ IC and OOC events;
➘ A wide variety of ranks in all three packs to choose from.

Athereum is:
➳ Discord-only;
➳ Semi-realistic;
➳ Literate;
➳ 3 packs;
➳ Long-term;
➳ Custom;
➳ Tribal;
➳ Reworked from ground level.

Revrour packs

The Kazatus
These are canines who tend to work everything out with a little but of physical force. They don't hdie behind words and like to deal with others in a physical fight. These are very stubborn, rude wolves who live only to survive another day. It is hard for them to stay polite and collected when they are offended. Their means of teaching are gruesome and questionable at the same time but in the end the trainee is shaped into a very strong minded soldiers. It is really hard to change Kazatus mind or make them fight against their own pack, their dedication to one and the same leader is unbreakable. For this Kazatus are told to be the most loyal canines in all of Revrour.

Kazatus wolves reside in an underground temple inside one of the three mountains. They are well accustomed to cold and dislikes heat too much. Their body shape is often huge and tops canines in the remaining two packs. They can be told to be scary and mean - they kind of are - due to their dark colors that build that image. To see a white canine in Kazatus pack is a very rare occurrence.

Their traditions and customs are always loud and a thrilling experience. Instead of being welcoming and cheerful they tend to fight other canines for titles and power inside the pack.

Kazatus' rank infromation:
➸ 2 rank branches: Additional 8 combatant ranks and 3 medic ranks.
➸ The Kazatus has tiers.

The Izul
A diverse pack. Izul canines are often shoved between rude Kazatus and peaceful Tholuhn. They can be rude and snarky if tested but really kind and polite to strangers. They are more traditional, family-based pack that holds the rule of 'whatever happens in Izul stays in Izul'. They are strict on loyalty and behavior, but not to the point where it would be seen as a bother. Rude behavior is greatly looked down upon, if a quarrel does occur it must be solved out in a ring.
Izul is more dedicated to the growth of tolerance and kindness more than the idea of surviving in the wild. Pups from early days are taught to be thoughtful and polite whereas when they grow older they are taught the art of fighting. Izul canines are seen as dependable, responsible and considerate for the needs of all wolves in Revrour, thus Izul words in senate meeting are often final and taken into account regardless of opinion switches. Izul wolves are seen at the top of Revrour hierarchy.

Izul wolves reside in a small valley up in a mountain. They have accustomed to heavy rain and sometimes cold atmosphere as well as heat. They are more on the average scale, raging in all shapes and fur colors.

Izul's rank information:
➸ Additional 17 (5 branches that branch out further more) combatant ranks and 6 (3 branches that branch out even more) medic ranks.
➸ The Izul has tiers.
➸ Izul's hierarchy is diplomatic, meaning leaders are chosen and not passed down upon.

The Tholuhn
The most peaceful pack in all of Revrour. Inner arguments and lust for bloodshed is super rare. They prefer an easy-going, calm and relaxing lifestyle rather than be constantly active both body and mind. They do not stress about the future. Once a problem occurs they take their time to solve it, thus they are a bit slow. But their knowledge tops all canines in Revrour. They're clever and great strategists, either in a matter of war or simple conversation. They can build emotion as well as discard it, get information from anyone if their assistance is ever required. But they will never wish to stand in front of danger or propose their aide in a matter of a battle. They'd rather ignore a fool than ignite an argument. Their kindness is unbearable and sometimes unbelievable as they will never let a stranger perish in pain. They are quite gullible but regardless of that they are also trustworthy. Weak minded, easily swayed, but great allies. They see everyone as equal, regardless of their position in the/their pack.

Tholuhn wolves reside inside a mountain with a difficult entry. The camp is located under the stars as there's a wide crack in the wall of the mountain. The are short, somewhat adorable-looking canines who usually wear floral crowns. Their eyes are usually in a very unique color, may it be a mixture of many colors, icy blues or minty greens.

Tholuhn traditions are loud and sometimes over exaggerated by the members. They like to party lively, make it quite a feast for any and every possible occasion, whether the alpha female gave birth or the sunset is breathtaking. The crazier the occasion, the wilder they are.

Tholuhn's rank information:
⤖ Tholuhn has 3 rank branches: medic, combatant and artistic. There's an additional one that is not classified and is of no use, which is a commoner.
⤖ Tholuhn's  hierarchy is monarch, meaning that it has both king and queen and leadership is passed down upon heirs, or second-in-command if no heir is available.

Please add one of the following members so you can be invited into the server.
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Re: Aetheruem | A Tribal & Discord-Based RP
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2019, 10:39:11 pm »

A new pack is in the works!
This means that there will be questioning between the three original packs and of course, spice will be added and chaos will appear.

We hope to have people join and participate in the upcoming plot!
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