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Coriander Skulk ~ Short-term ~ LF Members
« on: January 21, 2020, 03:56:17 am »
the Coriander Skulk is a rankless roleplay group about the lives of the red foxes in the Coriander Skulk! Both parent slots are still open, plus we have two kit slots left for the first litter! As a parent, you must raise your kits into happy and healthy adults, keeping them well fed, teaching them how to hunt, as well as protecting them from danger. As a kit, you must learn how to hunt, play fun games with your siblings and grow into a happy and healthy tod or vixen! Though you may try to sneak out and go on a little adventure during the night, be wary, for the wilderness is a dangerous place.

This roleplay is semi-literate, semi-realistic (the exact amount of realism & fantasy is explained in the rules document!), discorded (though entering the discord server is not required!) and religious! (the God that the animals follow is talked about in the rules document as well.) We do not currently have a map for the roleplay, but a kind friend of mine is currently working on a map for another roleplay group of mine that could fit this roleplay well, too! Until we have our own map for the roleplay, roleplay sessions will take place in Cherika Valley.

The first roleplay session will take place after both parent slots are filled, as long as both parents remain online and available for the roleplay. The roleplay starts when the kits from the first litter are 4 weeks old and has two possible endings, which I will talk about in the following text.

The first ending is if both parents remain alive long enough for the second litter to be conceived, born and to reach the age of 6 months, which is when the roleplay will end.

The second ending is if one parent dies before the second litter is conceived. In this case, the roleplay will end after the first litter reaches the age of 10 months, which is also when the first litter says goodbye to their remaining parent and disperses from the skulk.

The rules for the roleplay can be found here:

Considering the "no more than one death in the family or friend group" rule, if you wish to leave the roleplay, but doing so would cause more than one death in the family (or the single death slot has already been filled), your character may be removed from the roleplay, any significant events heavily regarding your character being removed from the storyline with it, and we will get someone new to join, their character filling the empty slot that was once filled by your character.

That's about all I can think of to say about this roleplay right now, if you have any questions or you want to join, please PM me or leave a post on this thread!
Check out my short-term red fox skulk roleplay here: