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Suavis Wolf Pack
« on: February 09, 2020, 02:39:33 am »

Title Ⓒ Bawfle <3

What is the Suavis Wolf Pack?

The Suavis Wolf Pack is...

- Semi-literate+
- Semi-realistic+
- Family orientated
- LGBTQ friendly
- Friendly
- Casual roleplayed
- Unmapped
- Bloodline friendly
- Simple ranking system
- Active on Discord and FeralHeart (mainly FeralHeart)

We hold events here and there and try to do some fun things when possible. We hold true to a real wolf pack with what they do and how they act. We include many things into the roleplay such as weather, temperature, etc to make the roleplay even more immersive.

And so much more!

How do I join or find more about the group?

You must have a Discord to join this group as well as a FeralHeart account!

To join (in game as well), you simply join the Discord via the invite and review the information (you will not have access to the rest of the server until accepted). From there, you contact a staff member via dm on the server or note here/DeviantArt and send us a screenshot of your in game character, proving that it follows the guidelines listed in the rules. You will not be accepted if you refuse to make changes to your character or not agree to follow/accept/be able to follow the rules of the group and be removed from the server following this. You may also join the group by approaching us where we are located (below) and speaking to a higher rank if available if you'd like to. We also advertise in-game in the grounds so if you catch us there and it looks interesting, have a whisper!

▸ Our Discord: aCQEw5s

▸ Our DeviantArt:◂ 

▸ In-game we can be searched up through the group tab by 'Suavis Pack'.◂

Where are you located?

Our location specifically and our territory is in our Discord but we are located publicly in 'Eastern Pass' found in the picture below. Specifically where that little black 'hook' is around the line.

Who are your members and current staff?

You may approach the higher ups with any questions or concerns and we are here to help and listen! Our lovely pack members are also listed here! <3

Please be sure to contact Esarosa through pm or Discord at ♡ Esarosa ♡#1973 if you have any questions or concerns about the pack itself!

Suavis's Pack Presets


Delilah SFA (Founder and alpha)

tba (alpha)

tba (beta)

The Pack

Asmodeus SM | Todir SP | Grace SM | Epsilon SM | Xike SP | Leida SP | Mirella SM | Clinton SM | Essos SM | Anika SM | Catorina SM | Jericho SM | Clifford SM

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Re: Suavis Wolf Pack
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2020, 04:52:05 am »
I'm joining this right awayyy
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