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SpicyDirt's Bio
« on: January 22, 2021, 05:42:43 am »

Hello! I am the spiciest of dirts known as SpicyDirt! My very good friend at the time, wolflinklove, introduced me to this game
when I was at her house in 2012, and I fell in love with it immediately. I finally got my own account in 2013 under the username
lauriej1004. I was really into Warrior Cat roleplays back then, but I would roleplay as the occasional wolf sometimes! The first
group I was ever apart of was TwistedClan ~ their leader took me under their wing and taught me everything I know about
roleplaying today. Soon after I joined ShatteredClan/The Creed where I made more friends that I still continue to talk and game
with to this day! Since the update I've joined various groups and have even hosted quite a few, but now I spend most of my time
lounging in The Grounds interacting and roleplaying with whoever happens to ask!

As for real life, I never did too well in high school. I couldn't really find the motivation for it. I stuck to myself mostly until I
joined our drama department. I stayed there my high school years being a stage manager for them and took a job at Cornell
University being a stage manager for them also. It was an absolute blast working there! It ended though when I moved from New
York to South Carolina for college. I started attending a local community college and have had various jobs - deli worker, food
delivery, Taco Bell, and my favorite job down here a wench at Medieval Times. I just recently graduated from my community
college with honors and I am now in university!

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FeralHeart: SpicyDirt
Discord: GeekyGoat#0294
Steam: GeekyGoat

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Re: SpicyDirt's Bio
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Beautiful bio, my dear! <333

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Re: SpicyDirt's Bio
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2021, 03:16:33 pm »
Must agree with Ironic! It's a lovely biography, Spicy. Can't wait for the characters to be added. <3
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