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FeralHeart Game Controls

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Complete In-Game Control List

Here is a more thorough explanation of all the controls with their paired keys. If you are new to the game, this control guide will come in handy when playing if you are not familiar!

W: Forward

A: Left

S: Back

D: Right

E: Dash/Fly

Q: Auto Run

Z: Activate Sit animation(Press this button once more to do the next animation)

X: Revert Sit Animation(Also used to swap in between actions)

ALT: Freezes or Un-Freezes your character's head

SHIFT: Hold to walk

CTRL(Left): Hold to crouch/crawl

CTRL(Right): Set running mode

Space: Jump (Short press makes a short jump, long push makes a higher jump)

R: Swim/Fly Up

F: Swim/Fly Down

F1: Set Camera First Person view

F2: Set Camera Third person view

F3: Set Camera Free Look

F4: Set Camera Third person view (Chase)

Number 1-9: Changes emote of the character

Arrowkeys: Controls the camera(Works the same way as moving the mouse with right mouse button pressed)

Mouse wheel/Middle Mouse button: Hold to zoom in and out from your character in Third Person

Left mousebutton: Klick on a user or object to get interaction or click the ground to move.

Right Mouse button: Hold dowm to look around(Works the same way as using the arrow keys)

ESC: Opens up the In-game menu

In-Game Interaction

When you double click a character in the game, you will notice a window pops up on screen with various options of interactions. The window will display tabs for things such as the character biography, the group they’re in, whisper, party, add friend, and block options.

Double Clicking Somebody

Info Tab: Brings up information about the character but also other options of interactions(as shown above)

Bio Tab: Brings up the characters bio(These are written by the players.)

Whisper: Adds the username to the whisper function, and next time you write it will be a whisper sent to the marked user (the chat will show up in blue)

Add Friend: Sends a friend request to the marked user

Party: Sends a party chat request for closed conversations

Group Bio: Shows you the group bio of the group the marked user is in

Group Invite: Will be shown if you own a group and the user marked is without one

Block: Blocks the marked user, making you unable to see each other or speak to one another


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