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Getting a preset in-game

How do you use a preset made by yourself?

Once you've done the coloring on Gimp or Photoshop, open FeralHeart. Go to tools -> preset maker.

Click on your preset and export it.

Now log in and create/edit your character. Go to the fifth tab and click Use preset

Click on your preset and it should appear. Click OK, now you can use the preset in-game.




How do you use a preset made by other members?

If someone uploaded a preset, for public and you download it. There should be one/many file(s) in it.

Now if there is only one file inside with the name YOURUSERNAME_NUMBER.fhp then you have to put it in Local Disk (C:) -> FeralHeart -> Presets.

Then you go to character creator and the preset should be there.

But, if there are many files inside you need to place them in Local Disk (C:) -> FeralHeart -> My_presets -> preset_NUMBER.

Open FH and go to tools -> preset maker, choose the preset you downloaded and export it. Now log in and you should be able to use it.


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