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Info, Bio, and Home

The feather icon beneath the map toggle icon, is known as the Character Info button. By clicking it, the icon opens up a window that reveals your information such as your username, your character name, and what group you are in. This window also shows labels like ‘Bio’ and ‘Home.’

Info tab:


When you click the next tab, Bio, your character’s biography will appear. You may type in this field, but the text box has a character limit, so watch out! Also, please read the Feral Heart rules or ask a moderator on what is unsafe to put in a biography!

Bio tab:


After the Bio tab, there is a tab called ‘Home.’ When you click it, it reveals this:


To quickly brush up upon the buttons and layout of the tab, here is the descriptions of what everything is used for:

Home: The current location/map your home is set to. The default map is Lonely Cave.

Set Home: Player sets the character’s home to the current location/map they are in.

Go Home: Player can select this to return to their current set location/map that shows up as ‘Home.’

Reset Home: Player resets home to the default map, Lonely Cave.


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