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So, you have finally gotten past the basics in the game and have survived the "Map Making: Height Maps" and "Map Making: Terrain Masks" tutorials. Now you have to get them in the game so you can add objects and water!

Read the "Map Making- HeightMap” and the “Map Making: TerrainMask " tutorials that are also found under Documentation. This is where all maps start and they are needed to move forward in this tutorial. Don't worry those manuals are equally painless.

OK. So, you have finally gotten to this point and are eager to get started on that fancy map.

1.) You will have to open the FeralHeart game. You do this by clicking on the FH icon.
When you do, there will be a menu there with the options:

2.) Select "Tools" and you will be greeted with yet another menu with these options:
Character Edit
Object Maker
Map Maker
Sky Maker


3.) Select "Map Maker". You will end up in Default. This is just a plain map that it brings you to every time you open Map Maker.

4.)Give your map a name! This is done by typing your desired name in "Map Name" and in "Map Display name". Simple enough!

(Ex: Map Name- Sufearia, Map Display Name- Sufearia)


5.) After you have named your map you should SAVE and it will appear in the bottom menu box. This box is filled with all the maps that you have in game. Your new map should be saved there.

6.)Next, you will want to click the "World" icon. It's located on the top menu bar.


7.) Remember the TerrainMask and the HeightMap you made? Get ready to use them! The first thing you will see at the top is "Terrain Height Map". You will type in your height-map name and the world should change a little to fit your height map.

(Ex: SufeariaTerrain.png)

8.)After that you see "Terrain Alpha Map". This is where you type in that TerrainMask file you made earlier. The ground is now ready to be colorized!


9.)"Terrain Texture" is next on the list of things to do. You will notice that if you click on a new terrain the grass will change texture. So far you can have up to three different textures on the ground at once.

a.) You may set more than one of these by clicking the arrow beside the number.

b.) Each color you put on your terrain mask file represents a layer. If you have red, green and blue you have 3 layers.

Toggle around between textures until you like the way the ground looks.

10.) Moving on down, you see "Width". This is how large your map is. It can be any size you desire. I generally keep my maps from 9,000-30,000, so there is more room to move around and explore.

11.) Directly after "Width" is "Height". You control how tall your map is with this. Again, it can be as tall as you want! If you have a flatter map, lower numbers are best. For mountains, higher numbers are needed. The sky's the limit!!

12+13.) Moving right along, is "Sky File" and "Weather File"### (Note to self: come back when I learn more)

14.)Finally, at the bottom it says "Ocean" and there is a small check box beside it. If you want to have an ocean (Body of water that covers whole map without having to be placed as an object) you should check this box. An ocean will appear.

15.) You then set the ocean height by typing any number in the box located by "Ocean Height".

16.) Go back to the "Map" menu at the top and SAVE!!! SAVE SAVE SAVE! This game won't autosave for you! I would recommend saving every 5 minutes or so! Just in case!

16.) You now have your unfurnished version of your map done. It's time to start planting and placing!

(Note: I HIGHLY recommend checking to make sure the terrain is exactly as you want it, especially as far as your HeightMap. Smooth out the jagged edges and make sure hills and lake areas are as you want them! Once you have started placing plants or rocks, if you change the height-map it could cause these to be sunken in the ground or floating in mid air.)

Final note: If you have created maps in ImpressiveTitle; they can't completely be moved over to FH but you can take the gray scale height map you created from those maps and move them over into FH by placing them in the heightmaps folder in the FH file. Sure it's not the whole map, but you don't have to build from scratch.

SO that's all for getting your map ready for objects! See ya in “Map Making: Placing Objects”!


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