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Character Creation | Creator Tabs II + III

After you’ve done everything you wanted to in Tab I, you will find yourself floating right on to Tab II. Tab II focuses more on your character’s build, but more for the shape of things. You will see the following fields (regardless of feline or canine):

Tail This is where you can choose the tail shape for your character.
Mane For those of you who don’t know, the mane is sort of like the hair for your avatar. Browse around the different styles in here for the ultimate look. Yes, even canines can have manes too!
Ears There are plenty of variations of ears found in here. This can help interpret the precise breed of feline or canine you want your character to be.
Tufts A tuft of fur is basically just a fuzzy spot on your character. If you want the leg fur to appear longer, or the back fur or cheek fur, then simply play around with the options here.

Alright, so a nice unique build is fine and all. But how about we add a bit more designs onto that image? Moving on to Tab III, you will be exposed to specific skinning for your character. Tab III focuses on the designs of the avatar, mainly on markings and eye types. You will see the following fields (regardless of feline or canine):

Eyes You are faced with many selections of eyes, from regular to slit to pupiless, to even spiral or oval eyes!
Body Markings As it's title suggests, this will reveal all of the body marking selections that will apply to your avatar's body, legs, and neck.
Head Markings Again, simply markings that will apply to the head and ears of the avatar.
Tail Markings Markings that will apply specificially to the tail of the avatar.

Keep in mind, while Feralheart has an assortment of different markings, there are also full markings sets that apply to Body, Head, and Tail. So keep an eye out!

Also note, that Felines and Canines have varying markings, such as the fact that the Liger set will apply only to felines, and the Husky set will apply only to canines.

Well, you've passed half way through. Almost to the point where you can run through the game with your newborn character! Move on to tabs IV and V!


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