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Welcome back! I see you have come back for more map fun! Well I don't blame ya! On today's episode we shall be going over how to add objects into your maps!

Just make sure you have read the previous tutorials that lead up to this one! Otherwise you will be very lost!

You have been through “Map” and “World” tabs on your previous adventure on getting your maps in the game. Lets move onto the “Objects” and the “Controls” menus.

Clicking on “Objects” you will find it to look very empty. It's not really. You have to click on one of the groups of objects. Such as “worldObjects”. This will cause a list of Objects to appear in the bottom box.

Sift through and find an Object you would like to use. They are all awesome so good luck deciding!

Once you have found one, click on it and then click the “New Object” button.

On your cursor is where the object will appear.

You move it to the location where you would like to place it.


Now that you have placed your object. You can make a few adjustments to it by Clicking the “Controls” button in the top menu.

You now have a whole page of stuff you can adjust on this object.

You can move it if you don't like where it was placed. Ctrl+M are a fast way to move the selected item.

Or you can clone the item. This lets you make quick copies of that item. The height, width, length, pitch, yaw, and roll will all be cloned.

Position adjustments can be made under the “Position” column and size adjustments under the “Scale” column.

The objects pitch, yaw, and roll can be adjusted at the bottom. These tilt and spin the object into desired positions. This also keeps the objects from all looking the same.

Moving back to the “Object” tab.

You will notice “Water Material” at the bottom. (###NOTE### come back to finish these steps.)

after you place a water material you can also adjust it under “Controls”. Once you click off the water and go back to plants.


If you find yourself not happy and wanting to move the water. Simply, click “Controls” then under it you will see a small menu saying “Objects” and “water” select water and click on the body of water you wish to move.

You can also delete the objects or water by hitting the “Delete” button at the bottom of the “Controls” screen.

Don't forget to SAVE!

I think this concludes this map making tutorial! I hope I managed to clear a few things up if anybody was having trouble!


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