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Preset Tutorial!

Make sure you have Gimp, Photoshop or some other art program! You will need to be able to save in .jpg or .png format!

So be sure your art program can do this!

Be creative and original. What is the fun in being just like anybody else? On that note, please don't steal presets.

People work hard on them!

Alright, let's begin.

There are 12 preset folders, so this means you can have up to 12 at once. You can make more if you mind switching them around manually.

1. Go into the FeralHeart game folder. Once in there you will notice a folder called "My_presets".

2. Open that folder and you will see 12 more folders. Each is a separate preset.

3. Open "Preset_1", if there are some files in there that you didn't make.

You can't ise them as your own preset, but you might be able to use them as simple guides to coloring your own.

4. There are four .png or .jpg files and a notepad file. The notepad file will come in later.

Now let me explain some files before we move forward with this program.

The UV Maps.



The F stands for "feline" and the C stands for "canine".

These are references, you can use them to make your preset. They show where the mesh will be in game. It allows you to see where your marks will land on your presets head. It will take time to get the hang of what goes where but it's worth it.

It can be hard to just color over a preset that is already there because the feet and underbelly can be hard to find.

All these files can be found in Local Disk (C:) -> FeralHeart -> My_Presets -> Reference


Moving back to the tutorial!

Open one of the UV references in Gimp, or Photoshop, I will be doing a canine preset, so I open the chead.jpg

Your preset head has to be named --> Preset_NUMBERhead.jpg

Your preset body has to be named --> Preset_NUMBERbody.jpg

Your preset tail has to be named --> Preset_NUMBERbody.jpg

Your preset eyes have to be named --> Preset_NUMBEReye.jpg

Your preset mane has to be named --> Preset_NUMBERmane.png | If you make a mane for your character, make sure the file is in .png format, not .jpg

Your preset wings have to be named --> Preset_NUMBERequip.jpg | If you want to make a winged preset, then you can only use the "preset_11" and/or "preset_12" folders.




Press Ctrl+A, then Ctrl+C. Alright click File -> Open and go to FeralHeart -> My_Presets and click on one of the folders,

I recommend you choose preset_1 or preset_2, because they already have all the files inside. All you have to do is color over them.

I'll use preset_2.


Open the folder and double-click on the preset_2head.jpg file.


Now right click -> Edit -> paste and then press Shift+Ctrl+N


Now you always want to keep that layer on top, DO NOT draw on it.

You can color the one below, if you want. Click on it and choose the brush and color you want to have.

Alright, click on the eye icon. This will make the UV guide invisible.

Now press Shift+Ctrl+S and go to FeralHeart -> My_presets, click on a preset folder and save your preset as preset_NUMBERhead.jpg

I'll save mine as preset_8.

Go in-game (open FH, don't log in, go to tools -> preset maker) and see if you want to keep the preset as it is, or if you want to undo something.

Mine has a rather simple design, I'm happy with how it turned out, so I wont undo anything.

Be sure you choose the right model(Canine or feline) or your preset will look quite odd.

By following these instructions you can finish your preset on your own.


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