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Actions and Emotes

The next icon appears to be a lion roaring. This is your action and emotes tab! Actions are a list of animations your character is able to perform when clicking on a selected action. There is also a Walk and Crouch check box below the actions, which you can mark so your character will stay doing the action until unchecking the box!

Actions tab:


Next to the actions tab, is the emotes tab. This will bring you to a list of emotes your character can perform in order to change their facial expressions! This often helps fit the mood of a chat or the mood of role play if you deem fit. The menu also gives you a list of keys for each expression. For example, Normal [Key 0] means that the 0 key will change your character’s expression to normal.

You are also able to set a default expression. Simply click on the emote you want to set as default, and then select ‘Set Default.’

There is also a check-box for Lip Sync, which you can uncheck if you do not want your character to sync their lips with what you type in the chat box!

Emotes tab:



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