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There is a small ‘clapperboard’ looking icon to the right side of the screen. This is the movie maker tab, or commonly referred to as the ‘thing’ you create advertisements with. With this, you can send a movie clip out to the map you are in, and this is usually used to advertise groups that are recruiting for more members!

The Movie Maker has three tabs, Movie, Actions, and Emotes. The first tab, Movie, is set up to where you can edit your movie/ad to make it look presentable.

Movie Maker Tab


The Movie Maker is really helpful when creating a movie clip or ad that someone will enjoy. Here is a few key descriptions of the Movie tab and its components.

Duration → The length of time you want your movie to be. [Default is set to 5 seconds]

Camera Movement → The way the camera will move during the movie clip. Try testing out different camera movements!

Speech Time → The duration of the speech dialogue that is played during the clip. [0 is set as default]

Speech Dialogue → The text which shows up when the movie plays. Remember, there is a character limit, so keep the dialogue short and simple!

Test → Test your movie, it will not be published, but you can see the movie and make edits where you need to.

Publish → Publishes your movie to the entire map.

The Actions tab is next, and it is simple. It shows you the list of actions that will play in the movie as it goes on.

Actions Tab


By selecting New Action, you can select the action your character will perform in the movie clip. You can select multiple actions that will play in order based on what you select.

The last tab is the Emotes tab, which acts similarly to the Actions tab. It shows you the list of emotes that will play in the movie as it goes on.

Emotes Tab


Simply select the ‘New Emote’ button to add emotes to your movie that your character will perform. After you feel satisfied with your movie and have tested it, you may publish it! Good luck with your ads!


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