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Character Creation | Creator Tabs IV + V

Now you've built up and marked your character with the given designs and parts. Now you'll find yourself looking at Tab IV, which lists the following sections.

Equip | This is where you can choose to put wings on your character. As of now wings are the only equip available.
Items | Items are obviously accessories that can be added to your character. The only provided item within the game is a Christmas Hat, butthe game has been designed to where you can add and position your own meshes onto the character.

This tab was recently added so there isn't very much to it now. But keep an eye out for future updates; who knows if more items or wing variations will be seen!

Now is the fun part! In Tab V, you get to bring even more life to your character, by coloring them! Here you'll find yourself faced with the following areas.

Colour | Here you select the section of the body you want to set the color to.
R, G, B Sliders | Once you choose a section of the body in the Colour area, you can mess around with the RGB sliders to get the precise color you want. Take your time and play around with it for the perfect avatar!

Use Preset | Here you can choose to apply a preset to the character you've created. A Preset is a custom skinning for your avatar. See the Preset Tutorial to learn more.



After you're done with all of this, now you can finish your character and head ingame!


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