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Character Creation | Creator Tab I

So, you have the game installed, your account made, and all of that good stuff. But before you can start any action with your new game, you have to create your own character, right? Of course!

Feralheart provides quite a large assortment of markings, designs, and customization of your character, such as ear types, tail types, etc. We tried to throw in as much as we could to get the complete feel of the ability to create a totally unique character. So, let’s go ahead and get started! The sooner you’ve completed your character, the sooner you get to play, right?

Alright. So, once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll be greeted with the main screen which gives you TWO options: Back, and Create. Click Create.


You should now see this:


This whole section of the game is simply referred to as the Character Creator. Here, you can completely build your character from scratch!

Well, you see all these options. But what do they mean? That’s what this tutorial is for, my friend! I’ll walk you through each section.

In this tab (I), you see the following fields:

Name Simple. Just enter the name for your character in here. Names can have numbers and letters, but no symbols.

Species Here, you can choose between a lion and a wolf, or to be more specific, a feline or a canine. Each species has different customization in their build, so test around!

Underneath those two bits, you will find yourself at the spot where you can modify the build. This is basically things like, how heavy your character is, the size of their ears or eyes, etc. Everything in this field is pretty much self explanatory, but I'll go ahead and list what you'll see here.


After all of that, you see one more field for this tab.

Emotes Here you can test what your character will look like using only a handful of FH's many emotes ingame.

So, once you've played around with all of these settings, you're ready to move onto the next couple of tabs, tab II and III!


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