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Moving onto the forth star from the left. This is the Actions and Emotes star. When you click you will be brought to a list of actions and a second tab that goes to emotes.


Actions is a list of various actions for your character to do, such as “Sit” and “Lay” along with a few others. You have to go through and click them to test them out. At the bottom of the actions tab you will also notice “Walk” and “Crouch” just click the check box beside the one you want to do and when you move your character they will be doing the action.


Actions tab:




After you are done exploring this, just click the Emotes tab. This will bring you to a list of emotions. These change you facial expressions of your character. This helps you fit the mood of an rp. If your character is sad then you find the sad expression. This menu also gives you the keys for each expression. Example of this is “Sad [key 9]” this means you can press the number 9 and it will change your characters expression to sad.


You can also set a default expression. This will be the expression your character will have when you first enter a game. Just click one of the emotions and then click “Set Default”. Then BAM. You are done.


Emotes tab: