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Dude. You are more than halfway now! Home stretch! The next one is a little hard. The sixth star from the left is “Group”. That's right. Awesome stuff has been made into this game. Groups are like packs. You can belong to them, you can make them, and if you so desire, you can leave them. The first tab is “My group”. Each character can belong to a DIFFERENT group, or the same group. Whatever you want. The first tab tells all the members in your current characters group.




The second tab is called “Actions”. You can make a new group here or rename a group. This is where all requests to join your group go, along with all invite requests. Anybody who asks to be in your group will show up here for you to approve or disprove. If you invite anybody to a group it will show up here for them to join or not join.




View groups is a list of ALL the groups out there. Your group along with the groups of others will show up here.




This seems like a good place to tell you how to invite people to a group.


YOU double click on the player you want to invite. As in double click their character and hit “Group Invite”


I will go into more detail about this area later.


If somebody wants to join your group then they will go to “View Groups”, click your group and click join.